Changing our name to Community Foods

Last week we announced that we started demolition and are holding a Ground Breaking Celebration this coming Saturday, April 21.

This week we’re announcing that we’re changing our name to Community Foods Market. We’re making this change to better match our brand identity with our mission and what we’re all about: building community and providing quality fresh foods to the local neighborhood.

Four reasons why we’re changing our name:
Clarify our offering: Some folks associate the word “People’s” with natural food stores and co-ops that primarily carry organic and natural products. While we have a health mission and will carry healthier choices, we will not be a traditional health food store.

Make it about food: The previous name didn’t include a word like “foods”, fresh” or grocery”. So it wasn’t obvious to some people that we’re going to be a grocery store. Community Foods Market clearly says what we will primarily be – a food store.

Highlight a focus on community: Building community and using food to connect people together has become increasingly central to what this project is all about. So we’re making community a more central part of our brand to highlight this focus.

Create broad appeal: Our goal is to be a neighborhood store that serves everyone across all economic, social and cultural backgrounds. Community Foods strives to be a more “mainstream” brand that appeals to a broader and more diverse audience.

We’re excited about the ways this new brand will help clarify and communicate our mission and focus. At the same time, what we call ourselves won’t be as important as what we do. So, while a lot of thought has gone into renaming our venture and while we’re excited about the Community Foods brand, what we’re truly excited about is all of the ways that we’re going to work hard every day to serve and nourish the West Oakland community.

West Oakland’s Long-Awaited Community Market to Open This Fall

After years of planning and fundraising, West Oakland’s People’s Community Market has finally broken ground on its 14,000-square- foot space at 3103 Myrtle St. Now, however, it’s known as Community Foods Market, a name that founder Brahm Ahmadi says better aligns the grocery with its mission.

Demolition Begins on April 13

The demolition of the building where our new store will be built starts tomorrow, marking the beginning of the construction of our full-service food market, cafe, and social hall in West Oakland. This puts us on track to open our doors in October 2018. It also represents an important step in transforming a derelict and blighted site into a positive community anchor.