$50,000 Match From RSF Social Finance

RSF Social Finance (RSF), a leading financial services organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering $50,000 in investment if we can raise an additional $50,000 in investments by Monday, September 16.

This is called a “match”… every share purchased in our local business by the deadline will be matched by RSF’s purchase of an additional share (up to a total of $50,000 in shares). Investing during this match will double the impact of any investment made by generating an equal amount of investment from RSF Social Finance.

We know of almost 500 people who have told us that they’re interested in buying shares in our project but have not yet bought those shares. Are you one of the people thinking about making an investment who just hasn’t gotten around to doing it yet?

Here’s a big opportunity to act on your intention and leverage your dollars to help us raise twice as much! With your investment, we can turn RSF’s $50,000 into $100,000, which would bring us to within 85% of the funding we need to build and open our store.

We only have 1.5 weeks left to meet this match. Help us finish this campaign so that we can get to work creating a grocery store that will serve 11,000 families.

Invest locally.
Make a positive social impact.
Earn 3% annual interest + 1% annual store credit.

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