Announcing Our Interim Director of Store Operations

We’re pleased to announce that Larry Ferguson has joined our leadership team as interim Director of Store Operations. Larry is an industry veteran with decades of experience as a manager and executive at a variety of food markets and supermarkets. He has opened dozens of new stores, remodeled dozens more and managed retail operations ranging from single stores to chain supermarkets.

Prior to joining our team, Larry was the General Manager at the successful Berkeley Bowl Marketplace, where he managed day-to-day operations for two high-volume full-service supermarkets that employed over 500 employees. While at Berkeley Bowl Marketplace, Larry made vital improvements that increased overall sales by 15% over a five year period and markedly boosted efficiency. He also implemented personnel practices that significantly improved labor conditions and employee satisfaction.

Larry’s previous positions include General Manager at New Leaf Markets, VP of Operations and Andronico’s Community Markets, General Manager for Lunardi‚Äôs Markets, and Operations Manager at Trag’s Market.

Larry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our project. He will work with our leadership team to develop plans for our store’s operations. He will also help to hire a permanent operations manager, sharing our belief that the permanent operations manager should be someone with a strong background in the community.

With Larry’s leadership, we’re confident that our food market will be set on a course toward achieving financial sustainability while maximizing our social impact in West Oakland through key programs and services for our customers and employees.

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  1. I’m so thrilled People Community Market is going to be a reality! We own a home within walking distance to the San Pablo site and I’m looking forward to shopping with you.

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