Double Your Impact: Matching Investment

We have an opportunity for folks who having been thinking about becoming Founding Shareholders in our project: The 11th Hour Project, in partnership with California FreshWorks, will invest $75,000 in our project if we can raise another $75,000 from the public by Monday March 11.

This matching investment will double every dollar invested in our project in the next two weeks (up to a total of $75,000). If you’ve been thinking about buying stock in our social enterprise, this is a great opportunity to double the financial impact of your investment and help us raise twice as much! With your investment, we can turn $75,000 into $150,000, which would be a big boost to our efforts to raise working capital before we open our doors in April.*

Why it matters: The funding we raise from selling stock will be used as working capital for day-to-day operations of our store. This will support our cash flow needs and help ensure that our food market will be sustainable and can offer affordable prices on quality fresh foods, prepared foods and staple groceries. This funding also allows us to focus on our social mission, instead of on paying for expensive financing.

We only have two weeks to meet this match. Help us launch with the greatest strength possible in bringing the first full-service food market to three neighborhoods in West Oakland since the 1970’s, serving 9,000 families, creating 50 local jobs and being a long-term community anchor.


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