Give a Gift with Meaning and Value. Give a Local Investment.

Are you tired of giving material things for the holidays that end up in the landfill? Consider giving stock in our community enterprise that earns dividends and makes a difference in your local food system.

Giving our company stock helps bring healthy and nutrition foods, good jobs and a positive community space to thousands of families in West Oakland.

To give stock as a gift, just follow these steps:
1. Complete a Suitability Questionnaire under your name with your information.

2. Receive a Qualification Notice from us by email.

3. Complete a Subscription Agreement and provide your own information.

4. In the Title Section of the Subscription Agreement, write the following sentence with the pertinent information: “YOUR NAME on behalf of RECIPIENT’s NAME.”

5. We’ll mail you a stock certificate that you can present as your gift.

You can also give this local investment to minors, such as your children or grandchildren, to help them learn about local investing. Click here to learn how to give stock to a minor.

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