Grocery Store as Social Space

Floor_Plan_6_13_16_pdfPeople in West Oakland want social and cultural experiences in their own community that provide recreation and connection to their neighbors. They want a family-friendly and culturally inclusive setting that offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere to gather and socialize. And they’re hungry for enjoyable dining experiences that don’t require a lot of travel, money or fanfare.

Through the Front Porch social hall, our community market will cater to these desires and become a social space and a junction for community interaction.

During the day the Front Porch will be used for workshops, health services, and general community use. In the evenings the Front Porch will offer various social events such as live music, poetry readings, movie showings, mixers, art exhibits and guest speakers.

The Front Porch will have a counter to the café so that customers can order food right from the social hall, even when the store has closed for the day. The café’s dinner service will compliment and enhance the events held in the Front Porch. And the cafe will utilize the Front Porch to offer family-style dinner events, supper clubs and Sunday BBQs.

We believe that offering a positive space for social, cultural and recreational activities will have a positive impact on the community, bringing people together for enriching and memorable experiences. We also believe that it will increase our success as a business by making the store a destination that people come back to regularly to enjoy themselves, have a meal and socialize with others.

This is what we mean by More Than A Grocery Store.

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