Help Secure a $40,000 Match to Maximize our Mission

An Oakland nonprofit and a local investor have pooled a $40,000 match if we raise $40,000 from supporters by Friday, December 2. This is the final end-of-the-year push to reach our $2M goal.

This match will double every dollar invested in our project in the next 16 days. If you’ve been thinking about buying stock in our social enterprise, this is a great opportunity to double the impact of your investment and help us raise twice as much! With your investment, we can turn a $40,000 investment into $80,000, which would bring us to 85% of our goal for this public stock offering.*

We’ll be retiring our stock campaign at the end of 2016, so this is one of the last chances to become a Founding Shareholder.

Why it matters: The funds from selling stock will largely be used as working capital, which is the daily cash used by a business to operate. Startups like PCM have difficulty getting working capital because they lack the collateral. The working capital we’re raising fills a key gap in our cash flow needs and helps ensure that our market will be sustainable and can offer affordable prices on quality foods. This funding also allows us to focus and invest in our social mission, instead of focusing on paying off more expensive financing.

We only have two weeks to meet this match. Help us finish this campaign so that we can get to work creating a grocery store that will serve 9,000 families and prove 50 local jobs. Buy Shares today.


*These securities are only offered to California residents. Investors must meet certain suitability standards and other requirements. The Commissioner of Corporations of the State of California does not recommend or endorse the purchase of these securities. 

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