Introducing our new nonprofit partner: Fresh Life Foundation

If you have been following our “Grocery Store As….” blog series then you know that People’s Community Market (PCM) is being created as a social enterprise that will focus on making a positive social impact on the West Oakland community.

Yet creating a small business that is financially sustainable AND operates a variety of social programs would be a daunting goal for us to undertake on our own. Partnerships with organizations that can collaborate with PCM on various programs will be key to our success as a social enterprise. So we’re thrilled to announce our newly formed nonprofit partner, Fresh Life Foundation.


Fresh Life Foundation has been formed in close relationship with People‚Äôs Community Market (our CEO, Brahm Ahmadi, is on its Board of Directors) and will undertake a variety of charitable activities that are essential to advancing PCM’s goals. Together, these two organizations will form an innovative approach to creating greater empowerment and inclusive change at the community level.

You can learn more about Fresh Life Foundation by visiting its new website:

Fresh Life Foundation has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise seed funding to undertake strategic planning, build basic organizational infrastructure and hire a part-time staff person. If you’ve wanted to support People’s Community Market but haven’t been able to meet our investment minimum, a donation to Fresh Life Foundation is a great way to indirectly support our project.

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