More Than a Transaction…. A Relationship

Our community investment campaign entails a simple transaction … If you want to support our mission and the impact we’re working toward making in West Oakland you complete a subscription agreement to buy shares in our company.

But we want this community investment campaign to be about much more than just a transaction in buying shares in our community business. While it’s important that people do buy shares from us so that we can raise the funding we need to build and open our store, we’re hoping to establish a meaningful relationship with our supporters. Because what we’re doing is ultimately about creating community and a better world. It’s about living our values and converging around the values we share.

This investment is somewhat long term  – we won’t start paying our investors back until the end of the seventh year of business. That means that the individuals who buy shares in People’s Community Market are going to be involved and connected to us for a while. We want that time to be about building community and staying connected.

That’s why, if you’re interested in People’s Community Market and our community investment campaign, we’re encourage you to come to one of our events before making an investment. We want to meet you in person and have a conversation. We want to know who you are and for you to know who we are before you decide to buy shares in our business. In fact, we think that most people will be more likely to invest if they build a relationship with us first and have a positive experience at one of our events.

This is an invitation to begin the journey of relationship building that builds the foundation of our future together.

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