First Annual Shareholder Report

We’re pleased to announce the first annual report for People’s Community Market. This report details and celebrates our milestones in 2013, including our success in rallying hundreds of Oakland and Bay Area residents to join us as Founding Shareholders and to collectively invest nearly $1.2M in start up capital.WOaklandchildren

The report also discusses the important work we’re doing to engage West Oakland residents in creating our grocery store. In a time when the landscape and character of the neighborhood is rapidly changing, we believe that engaging residents and building an authentic sense of local ownership in our business is more important than ever before.

As we work on the next steps (discussed in the report) to develop and launch our business, this report gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on a great year of progress and to convey our gratitude and appreciation to the hundreds of shareholders, supporters and allies who have played a critical role in helping us. We would not have gotten this far without you. Thank you for standing with us!

Please click here to read the full annual report.

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